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Oct 8, 2012 4:30am PDT
. the deadly shooting happened last week about five miles north of the mexico/arizona border. the border patrol agents union says agent nicholas ivie opened fire thinking the fellow agents were armed smugglers. he was killed in the return fire. >>> former penn state football coach jerry sandusky will be sentenced tomorrow. that's after a hearing determines whether or not he is a sexually violent predator. the assistant coach was at the center of a child sexual abuse scandal and convicted on 45 charges. sandusky is expected to get life in prison. >>> a farmer at the center of a deadly outbreak has issued a voluntary recall. it's being taken as a precaution because of the risk of potential contamination. the centers for disease control and prevention says there are now more than 90 confirmed cases of fungal meningitis and 7 deaths linked to steroids from the new england company. >>> new study by ucla neurophysicists shows that the sleeping brain behaves as if it was remembering something. researchers say the study helps to explain why you can more easily things you memorized the day before. it's
Oct 10, 2012 4:30am PDT
. >> and it may be the cutest video you'll see all day. take a look. the newest addition to a mexico zoo. ,, >>> thought you were waking up to lightning? you weren't dreaming. lightning strikes are showing up along the coastline. more lightning to come. we'll talk about that coming up. >> i want to show you a check of our bridges across the bay area. so far, so good across the golden gate bridge. they should be doing lane changes coming up any minute. in the meantime no delay across the bay bridge or the san mateo bridge. problem-free. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> elizabeth, thank you. >>> a mexican zoo is celebrating four precious new additions. take a look. these bengal tiger cubs made their first public appearance yesterday since being born last month. the felines were born in captivity. the cubs are in good health. the birth of three males and one female is a huge accomplishment for the zoo. bengal tigers are an endangered species. they are looking a little sedated. >> did you see that paw? about a size 14 nike there. >> and teeth. >> they are cute though. >>> ho
Oct 11, 2012 4:30am PDT
mexico. he was planning to go up in a helium balloon and drop 23 miles to the ground. why not? today's attempt was also ruled out because of some high winds there. so he is going to try one more time on sunday weather permitting >>> lindsay lohan and her mother have apparently made up. yesterday cameras captured the mother and daughter embracing outside lohan's childhood home in new york. earlier in the day police were called to the home after the pair had a verbal dispute in a limo. police left without making any arrest and say it was a domestic incident with no damage or injuries. >>> well, i guess you could be a hero at any age. >> we have an example from a young boy out of bakersfield. he is 10 and his name is salem palmer. he helped save the life of a schoolmate performing the heimlich maneuver. he says he helped a boy who was choking on meat. >> i was in the cafeteria and a kid was -- he was eating it while he was coming to throw his food away. then he was choking on it so i went over and did the heimlich. >> he said he as you wanted to be a paramedic and learned the life-savi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3